ProGreen tradition continues at BIM

Approximately one year back, the ProGreen team embarked on a journey that pretty much changed our lives. Making it to the final round of the Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition and eventually winning it was a great moment of pride not only for the four of us, but even more for the b-school that we belonged to – Bharathidasan Institute of Management(BIM), Trichy.

One year hence, It was great to hear, once again a team from BIM has qualified for the final round of GSEC, and will be travelling to Seattle in the end of February to attend the competition. Thier social venture called Recompu which will procure outdated computers from corporate and Government organizations and recycle them for the low-end market.

You can learn more about GSEC and this year’s competition at the GSEC Website.

We wish Vidya and Mayank from the Recompu team all the very best.


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