Great ideas catch up soon

Thomas Friedman in his syndicated column in New York Times, recently wrote about the changing face of outsourcing – Outsourcing, Schmoutsourcing! Out Is Over(subscription only, but you can find the same piece in the print version of the Indian Express, 20th May)

In the article, Friedman mentions his recent interview with Ramalinga Raju, CEO of Satyam. Satyam is currently piloting a project in two villages for outsourcing non-voice BPO work from rural areas. The project is expected to expand to 150 villages.

This emerging trend stands to prove that the ProGreen BPO cooperative is a viable proposition. Not only does it address many of the key issues face by the BPO sector, liking rising employee costs and high attrition but it also effectively addresses rural poverty.

I guess its just a matter of time before rural outsourcing becomes mainstream in India. Great ideas catch up soon.

ProGreen is hoping to pilot its project within the next one year!



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2 responses to “Great ideas catch up soon

  1. That’s a very valid note Santhosh. There is some initiative within IIT-M that is working on the same lines and has already piloted their projects for the past one year or so.

    But its certainly good to know that things are heading in the way of bridging, rural with urban india.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Santhosh.

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