Lots of Inspiration

There are different schools of thought with regard to economic development in rural India. Until now, most programs and resources have been dominated by a subsidy driven model, with limited results. Of course, we in ProGreen strongly believe in a market driven model. However, the challenge is the empower the rural communities to gain sustainable livelihoods driven by market forces.And then, a few days ago I heard about Elango, a Social Entrepreneur and the Panchyat head of a small rural community in Tamil Nadu. Ilango seems to have perfected a self-relaince driven model called ‘Network Growth Economy’. I strongly recommend Ilango’s Power-point which you can download from Thoughts in Tamil blog:

When production and consumption both become localised – speedy and indefinite production at any price, disappears. So does Market dependency.

The network villages share their produce between themselves and supplement each others’ production and processing

I guess there is no single revolution. We needs lots of great ideas. What we also need is a truck load of inspiration. Thanks Elango!


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    I am so much surprising to see a group of people, who have a similar thought like me. I am an Instrumentation Engineer from Pondicherry, presently working in Saudi. I am impressed by your website and positive thoughts.

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